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Face Recognition

We analyze images, videos and camera streams
  • Web-based version: We develop a web-based AI system that compares an input face against the database of known faces.

    Applications: Identity verification (security) at a gate of an institution.

    • Identify whether the person at the gate is a guest or an employee.
    • Easily find the last time a visitor visited your institution.

    The input image can be browsed from a computer or captured from a webcam stream.

In the image, the green section is our region of interest, we have counted 4 people going out and 1 person coming in (see the top right corner of the image, below the timestamp).

  • Standalone version: We develop an AI system that analyses human faces from an IP camera in real-time.


    • Face-based attendance system: Get attendance automatically recorded by just looking at a camera.
    • Home security: Count and record people passing at a specific region of interest in a CCTV camera.

      Save space and time. The camera only captures the image of a person rather than capturing everything. It organizes the images based on hours so that you can easily check who entered your home at 8h, at 9h, ...


With our apps, you can sell and scan (verify) sold tickets.
  • Selling: Register, then Login on mudasobwa. After login, add your event details:

    • Tickets categories: Standard, VIP and associated prices;
    • Number of tickets in each category.

  • Scanning sold tickets: We give you an admin app that you install in each phone that will scan tickets.
    • Once a customer buys a ticket, a QR code and an SMS are generated as the ticket ID.
    • The customer presents either the QR code or the SMS which are scanned by the admin app.

Advantages:(1) Fast ticket verification; (2) Low-cost: paperless tickets; (3) Cashless: Monitor the income easily.